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We are all human.
As humans, I realize, we cannot stand still.  Our lives are chaotic and we are always saying we want some peace and quiet.  This is peculiar because when that peace does come, when there is no noise in a usually loud room, we do something to make noise.  We turn on the music or say "AWKWARD SILENCE."  Why?  If a fight between friends has just settled, we dig up old bones and awaken the drama because there is nothing to fight about, nothing to gossip about, nothing to make a big deal out of.  Why?  Because we MUST have something going on in our lives.  We cannot stand live without noise, without drama, without chaos, even though we are always saying "I just want some quiet" or "I just want this drama to blow over."  When there is finally a calm in the storm, a break in the drama, a silence within the noise, we create something to fill what we might consider as a "void" at that moment.  We create chaos when there is none because we have become so used to it that living without it is like living without food.  We are gluttons for chaos.  But maybe if we allowed that silence to continue, that calm to keep flowing, we could hear other things.  Maybe if we just sit and listen...  What things would we think of?  What things would we figure out?  Maybe we would realize that quiet is okay sometimes?  Maybe we would realize that all the silly drama isn't really necessary and is actually avoidable?  Maybe we could hear God's voice.  We could hear him speaking to us, telling us how to deal with what is going on.  Letting us know He is there for us and He wants us to focus on Him and not the mayhem.  All we need to do is STOP.... listen...  hear God say...
I love you...

God is the music that is forever playing, all we need to do is stop and listen...
Just started writing.... so yeah.
plum-perfect Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
lovely point.
i hate when there's a pleasant peace, and some random noise-seeker screams "AWKWARD TURTLE!!!" :sarcasm:

regardless, beautiful job making your point. your words flowed very nicely. keep up the fantastic work. <3
Magwump9801 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
thank you so much!!!
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October 30, 2008
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